Development Management (DPD)

DM DPD Issues and Options Stage

The Development Management Development Plan Document (DM DPD) Issues and Options document was consulted on from 21 June – 9 August 2010 and represented the first formal stage of consultation. The purpose of the Issues and Options stage was to explore how detailed development management policies could guide development in a sustainable manner in Southend. We wanted to gather the public and stakeholder’s views about the general direction of proposed policy to meet Southend specific issues. We put forward a ‘suggested approach’ for each policy theme as part of the consultation alongside reasonable alternative options. The process has provided local people with the opportunity to shape the look and feel of Southend and its communities, including consideration of environmental and social interests. The responses received at this stage informed the production of the proposed submission development management policies.

The Issues and Options DM DPD and related documents can be downloaded below:

A total of 301 representations were received during the consultation. A summary of the representations received at this stage can be viewed in the Regulation 22 Consultation Statement (Submission Document SD4).

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