Consent for Performance of Hypnotism - Licence directory


If you want to perform hypnotism on any person for entertainment and the public are admitted (by payment or otherwise), you must get consent from us. You should apply at least 28 days before the performance or else the application may not be completed in time. The hypnotist must fill in a separate application for every premises/venue that will be used for the hypnotism.

Once you have submitted your form the Essex Police and Essex Fire Brigade will be automatically notified. It takes us about 4 weeks to process a hypnotism application. This means that you must wait until the application has been processed before you can perform any hypnotism.

If there are no objections to the application, it can be approved by an officer of the Licensing Authority. Any licence issued is subject to conditions.

If there is an objection about the application it may be referred to a licensing sub-committee.


If you do carry out a performance of hypnotism without getting consent from us you may have to pay a fine for up to £1000. If you carry out the hypnotism on someone under 18 (unless you had good reason to believe that the person was 18 or over) you may have to pay a fine for up to £1000.

Rights of entry a police constable can enter any premises where entertainment is being held if they have good reason to believe that any act could be breaking the guidelines of the Hypnotism Act 1952.


In July 2024, we moved to a new system for the digital forms hosted on our website. Whilst a form previously existed for this service, it is not currently available. We will be regularly implementing new forms so please check back regularly for updated information.

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