Independent living and occupational therapy (OT)

Children’s service

Occupational therapy provides assessments to assist children with everyday activities.

An occupational therapist may assess your child to find out which daily activities are difficult. This may be through a telephone assessment a first, followed by a home visit.

Outcomes may include:

  • finding other ways to do activities (such as moving and handling assessments)
  • advice and information. Parents or carers may want to seek funding through charitable means
  • loaning specialist equipment
  • recommending adaptations

Eligibility criteria

Children between 3 to 18 years who have substantial and permanent physical disability and require an assessment.

Visual and hearing services

The occupational therapy team also support children who have a sight or hearing impairment.

Please see our sensory service page for more information.

How to access

Please discuss any concerns regarding your child's health or wellbeing with any of the following in the first instance:

  • health visitor
  • GP
  • nursery/school
  • paediatrician

They will be able to provide general advice and can help with deciding if an occupational therapist referral is needed.

Your social worker or health professional can refer you for an occupational therapist assessment via:

More information

Contact access information

Telephone: 01702 215008

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