How to get help

Social Services Contact Numbers:

If you are caring for an adult, please contact 01702 215008 (option 5)

If you are caring for a child, please contact 01702 215007

Do you need help?

If you are doing any of these things without getting paid, then you are a carer:

  • if you support someone who is frail, has a long-term illness, mental health issues or a disability
  • if you look after someone after a stay in hospital
  • if you are a looking after a disabled child

If you are under the age of 18 years old then you are a Young Carer.

How can we help?

To get a Carers support / assessment:

  • if you care for an adult, call 01702 393933 - Southend Carers
  • if you care for a child, call 01702 215 007

E-mail: If you care for an adult write ‘Adult Social Services’ in the message

First Contact Referrals: If you care for a child write ‘Children’s Social Services’ in the message

Advice and Support Group

Livewell is a website where you can see what help and support is available.

Contact Adult Social Care

Telephone: 01702 215008

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