Young Carers

A young carer is under 18 years of age and helps to look after a family member who is:

  • disabled
  • physically or mentally ill
  • has a substance misuse problem

Caring can involve physical or emotional care, or taking responsibility for someone’s safety or wellbeing. The level of responsibility assumed by a young carer is often inappropriate to their age. It is also more than simply helping out with jobs at home, which is a normal part of growing up.

You may be helping with any of the following:

  • cooking, housework and shopping
  • physical care, such as lifting, helping with the stairs or with physiotherapy
  • washing, dressing and helping with toileting needs
  • managing the family budget, collecting benefits and prescriptions
  • giving medicines
  • emotional support
  • interpreting, due to a hearing or speech impairment

Need someone to talk to?

Would you like some “time out” for fun things to do, some quiet time to do your homework or just someone to chat with? Why not contact the team on 01702 534000 to have a chat about which support is right for you.

Contact Young Carers

Telephone: 01702 534000

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