Organising a street party

Please consult with all affected residents before you apply for a street party permit. You must send affected residents a letter to include:

  1. the date
  2. the time
  3. the proposed activities
  4. the location of road closure
  5. your contact phone number

Ensure you attach to your application a plan or map showing where you want to close the road and a copy of the letter sent to residents. Your application cannot be validated without this information.

The Council requires a minimum of four weeks to process a street party application.

To submit an application form for a Street Party permit, please use our online form.

Organising your street party

We encourage all street party organisers to talk to us well in advance of the proposed event to ensure everything runs as smoothly and safely as possible. We can answer any queries you may have, advise you on your responsibilities and our requirements.

Please refer to the following information to help you plan your street party:

  • street party terms and conditions on the application form - Information to help you understand what is expected of you
  • request for a street party permit - application process information to help you understand the steps we go through before a street party permit can be issued

Balloon and lantern sky release

If you are planning a balloon or lantern sky release, please see our guidance document.

How to apply

You can apply using our online form.

Note: please make sure that the form is completed fully and you include all supporting documents needed before you submit your application.

If any information is missing or incorrect we may return your application to you.

A minimum of 28 days is needed to process the paperwork.

Public events - making your event safe

You should read all the documents that are relevant to your event carefully and put in place the required measures to make your event safe.

Key considerations and actions

  • carry out a risk assessment - this must be completed for every event and needs to be specific to the type of event you are hosting - find out more about how to conduct a risk assessment.
  • think about capacity - make sure there is enough space for everyone across the event space

Martyn's Law

In December 2022 the Home Secretary made an announcement regarding the foundational policy for Martyn’s Law, formerly known as the Protect Duty, in Parliament.

Legislation will be brought forward as soon as parliamentary time allows. Martyn’s Law will extend to and apply across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Further information on Martyn's Law can be found on the:

Contact Environmental Health and Trading Standards

Telephone: 01702 215005

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