Organising a street party

Stay at home street party and bunting - guidance and advice

When holding a street party:

  • please keep noise to a minimum particularly before 9am and after 8pm
  • please keep dogs on a lead and under control
  • please keep children under control and away from the road

Bunting guidance

In normal circumstances there is an application process for errecting bunting and flags, but we want to support our communities so that requirement is not necessary at this time. Instead we are asking residents to follow our simple rules below:

  • please erect any bunting/flags/banners from house to house rather than across the road or pavement and ensure the items are securely fixed. Please be careful what you are securing it to - drainpipes can easily be wrenched away if the bunting is dragged down. Also make sure it is as taut as possible. Please use water resistant bunting to avoid extra weight in the rain which would make it sag
  • if you and your neighbours have already erected bunting across the road and pavement, please check the items are securely fixed so as not to pose a danger to the public, and please ensure there is a minimum clearance of 5.7 metres (18 feet 8 inches) above the highway. We stress this height because in one road a lorry has brought some bunting down. This height is also needed so that we can get refuse lorries down your road to collect your rubbish, and for buses to pass down roads on their route for example
  • please be aware of the danger of overhead lines
  • please be careful when using ladders at height
  • please be aware that in the unlikely event that someone is injured or property is damaged by the bunting, the person who put it up may be liable

Please do not place bunting/banners/flags in the following places

  • on a roundabout
  • on traffic signals or at a junction.
  • on any road sign supporting posts, beacon poles
  • on traffic signal posts
  • on street trees

Bunting recycling

Once any bunting has been taken down please think about recycling:

  • card and paper bunting can be recycled in your blue card/paper box. Please remember to remove any decorations, glitter before recycling
  • fabric bunting can be recycled in white textile sacks.
  • plastic bunting cannot be recycled in pink sacks, please put this in black sacks

Enforcement: We have no intention of taking this into overdrive but if we do find items that are unsafe, a nuisance, inappropriate, advertising commercial services, or in breach of these simple rules which are in place to protect people and ensure refuse lorries and delivery drivers can travel down residential streets, we can remove them without notice. If we do so the items will need to be collected within 14 days or we will dispose of them. Depending on the situation, you could also be charged with the cost of removal and collection.

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