Managing Debt

Information about Managing Debt

If you do not feel on top of your finances, you should seek advice. Listed below are details of various money advice support groups.

  • Southend Citizens Advice – provide independent debt and money advice including information on pensions, savings and borrowing money
  • StepChange -  offer practical support to help you create a personal budget, or other practical solutions for managing debt. Their website contains advice on many areas of debt from what to expect when you can't afford to pay your debts to dealing with bailiffs
  • National Debtline - aim to help people regain control of their finances with personalised solutions
  • GOV.UK - advice from the government, lenders and advice agencies. The information here will give you the tools you need to prevent your home being repossessed
  • Debt Support Trust - a not-for-profit debt charity. Debt advisors can offer you telephone or internet based debt advice
  • Shelter –Shelter’s website offers advice on dealing with debts, including advice on Universal Credit advance payments, energy bills and prioritising debts

Rent and mortgage arrears

Rent or mortgage arrears are a serious issue and can result in you losing your home. If you lose your home through not paying your rent or mortgage, the Council may be limited in the support we can provide to find you new accommodation.

If you have rent or mortgage arrears, you should take immediate action. If you are threatened with homelessness due to rent or mortgage arrears, you can contact our Housing Solutions team for advice and support.

Contact us - Housing Solutions Team

Telephone: 01702 215002

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