Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Stage 2: Issue of a Liability Notice (Council)

When you receive planning approval for a CIL liable development, we will issue you with a Liability Notice either at the same time or as soon as possible following the decision notice and when we have received the Assumption of Liability form. Where planning permission is granted on appeal, the Liability Notice will be issued as soon as possible following the appeal decision and the receipt of the Assumption of Liability Notice. Where the liability relates to Permitted Development, a Liability Notice will be issued as soon as possible after receipt of a Notice of Chargeable Development.

The Liability Notice sets out the amount you must pay for CIL for the development.

The Liability Notice will include all relevant floorspace contained in the development, including floorspace that may be eligible for relief or an exemption.

A new Liability Notice will be issued at any point that the liability changes. This may be as a result of changes to the liable persons, effects of relief, appeal decisions, surcharges or the loss of instalments.

Interested parties (i.e. freeholders and leaseholders), where known, will be sent a copy of the liability information.

Once a Liability Notice is issued, the CIL charge will be recorded on the Land Charges Register.

Appealing against a Liability Notice

If you consider that the amount has been calculated incorrectly, then you can submit a written request to the Council for a Review of the chargeable amount within 28 days of the Liability Notice being issued. See the Appeals page for further details on this and other grounds for CIL appeals to the Planning Inspectorate and the Valuation Office Agency.

Is there any other way to pay CIL?

There may be circumstances where the charging authority and the person liable for the levy will wish land and/or infrastructure to be provided, instead of money, to satisfy a charge arising from the levy. This is known as Payment in Kind, and our Payment in Kind and Infrastructure Payments Policy sets out the requirements. More information can be found in the National Planning Practice Guidance or by contacting the S106 & CIL Officer (Tel: 01702 215004).

Page last updated: 20/06/2017