Education Services for Those Unable to Attend School

The Individual Tuition Service provides education for students of compulsory school age who are unable to attend school because of:

  • long-term illness
  • injury
  • pregnancy

What does the service do?

Tutors work together with the student's school to arrange an educational programme for five hours of tutoring per week. However some of this may be supplemented by access to online learning.

Regular meetings will also be held with the school and a reintegration plan is set up at a suitable time. Tutors can also help a pupil to settle back into school if required.

Where does it take place?

The service usually takes place at the home of the student. But if an adult cannot be present in the house or it is thought to be more beneficial to the child, it may take place at the local library.

For your child to use this service, their school must make the referral to the service's co-ordinator. The co-ordinator will then arrange a meeting with you and the school.

Page last updated: 06/07/2018