Register a Stillbirth

If you have suffered a stillbirth you should register the stillbirth of your child within three months

So we can see you as soon as possible, we ask that you make an appointment to register the stillbirth. This can be done by the mother.

  • The father can only register the stillbirth if he was married to the mother at the time of the stillbirth
  • If the parents are not married, the father should attend the registration if he wants his name to be on the Register

You need to bring with you a form from the medical practitioner or midwife who was present at the stillbirth. This form is called a Medical Certificate of Stillbirth.

You will need to also give the following information:

  • date and place of stillbirth
  • forename and surname of the baby (you do not have to give the baby a forename)
  • the parents' forenames and surnames
  • the place of birth of each parent
  • the occupation of each parent
  • usual address of each parent
  • date of birth of each parent
  • date of marriage (if married)
  • mother's maiden name (if applicable)

You will be given a Certificate of Registration at no charge.

You may buy a full certificate of stillbirth.

For any help or more information please contact the Register Office.

Page last updated: 31/10/2018