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Trees in Conservation Areas

There are work restrictions on trees that are in a conservation area, even if they don’t have a preservation order placed on them.

You will need to give us 6 weeks notice of the proposed work.

  • During this time we will assess the amenity value of the tree and may serve a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to give it long term protection.
  • The penalties for failure to comply with the legislation are similar to those for TPO's.
  • You do not need permission or to serve conservation area notice if you want to cut down or work on trees less than 75mm in diameter (measured 1.5m above ground level), unless they replace trees previously covered by a TPO.

If you know that the tree is in a conservation area (or covered by a TPO) please see Planning Applications Forms for advice and guidance.

Please note:

  • If you don’t own the tree you must get the owner's agreement before carrying out the work.
  • If you apply to fell a protected tree because it is causing structural damage to property, we may ask for supporting evidence, such as a structural survey.

Tell us

If you see work being carried out on a preserved tree or a tree in a conservation area, please contact us so we can check that permission has been granted.

Page last updated: 30/10/2019