Dog Related Complaints

Barking Dogs

Before we can take action against a barking dog nuisance, we have to consider the nuisance statutory. To do this one of our Officers has to witness the effect that this nuisance is having on you.

This can be difficult to establish because of the sporadic nature of dog barking, and so we ask that you complete a noise diary of the dog barking. This will help us to evaluate the extent of the disturbance being caused.

We will also help by:

  • bringing the owner’s attention to the nuisance their dog barking may be causing
  • offering guidance to the owner on steps they can take to reduce nuisance
  • providing guidance on how to take your own action.

If you live in social housing you should contact your Landlord in the first instance as your landlord may be able to control the nuisance through tenancy agreements.

Click here for further information about Noise Pollution

In extreme cases our Commity Safety Unit may be able to help. They can be contacted on 01702 432504.

Reporting Dog Fouling

You can report dog fouling using our online form on MySouthend. Alternatively, why not register for MySouthend where you can manage and keep track of your reports online and have control to get the information you need, without having to call or visit us. When you register with MySouthend you will receive updates on the progress of your report. Register, or sign in to your MySouthend account. If you need some help with the registration process please see our registration guide.

For more information, please see our Dog Fouling leaflet.

Other Complaints

We investigate dog related complaints and take a hard line against offenders. But as we have to witness the offence before we can serve a fixed penalty notice, it can be difficult for us to catch the culprit.

So when you make a complaint, we will ask you some questions. We then use this information to target offenders to improve the chances of catching those responsible. So when you need to make a dog related complaint, please help us to investigate your complaint by giving as much information as you can, such as:

  • the location of the incident
  • the dates or times when a dog incident occurs
  • details of the breed, colour and size of the dog
  • any information regarding the dog's owner.

If you can't give this information, it will greatly reduce our chances of catching offenders. In these circumstances your complaint will be dealt with as part of our routine patrols.

How to Report a Dog Related Incident

If you have witnessed a dog related incident, you can report it by contacting us.

Fixed Penalty Notices

Anyone found to be committing an offence will be served a Fixed Penalty Notice of £150 (reduced to £100 if you pay within 10 days).

If you do not pay your Fixed Penalty Notice, you may face a fine of up to £1000 or even prosecution.

For information on Dog Control Orders, please see our related downloads.

Page last updated: 19/11/2018