Our Spending Over £500

We publish date about our spending items costing over £500. We publish new data calendar monthly following the closure of accounts for the preceding month and the reports can be found in date order in the Related Downloads at the foot of this page.

DATA Format

We publish the data in different formats:

  • PDF file format - This the easiest format to read the data but does not allow the data to be easily analysed or sorted.
  • CSV file format - This allows greater flexibility of how you use the data, and will allow you to upload the data into other applications (such as Microsoft Excel) if required.
  • Also published is the Metadata Text file which gives an overview of the document parameters, terms and glossary. This will help to explain the column headings in the files of expenditure data.


If you are a supplier and your supplier name in the published data is not correct, please call and let our Procurement Team know. If you do not recognise a payment shown as being made to you, please call our Accounts Payable Team.

Personally Identifiable Data

Sometimes personal identifiable data must be withheld in accordance with data access regulations under the Data Protection Act, the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations. This is to protect individuals from unwarranted and substantial damage or distress. In these circumstances, the Supplier name will be shown as ‘Redacted Personal Data’.

Page last updated: 19/09/2018