Revised Recycling & Waste Collection

There will be a revised recycling and waste collection service operating over the Bank Holiday period.

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Ongoing Support

Post Adoption Support

We continue to support you after the child or children have joined your family.

  • We visit regularly to see how you are getting on.
  • You can meet other adopters at our monthly Post-Adoption Groups to discuss any issues you may have and look at any training opportunities that are available.
  • We also hold fortnightly pre-school groups for adopted children and adopters called Sparkles.

The adoption becomes legal

  • You cannot apply for an Adoption Order until the child has lived with you for 10 weeks.
  • The court will not grant one until after they have been with you for at least 19 weeks.
  • An adoption becomes legal only after the making of an Adoption Order in a court.
  • This finally means that you are the legal parent of the child and nothing can revoke that.

Page last updated: 22/04/2014