Recycling in Flats

Upcoming changes to service

The recycling service for the new paper and card collections will be rolled out to communal blocks of flats at a later date. It is not being done at the same time as households because we are looking at the best way for you to get the full range of recycling services and in some cases may need to make special arrangements with your managing agents.

You are likely to see other residents living in houses near to you who have already started using the service with a blue box for paper and card. Please continue to present your waste as normal for the time being through your communal bins - we will be in touch when your paper and card collection is ready to be rolled out to your location.

General information

Communal blocks of flats and multi-occupational properties will continue to receive a weekly recycling and waste collection service. Communal bins may have been arranged for you by your managing agent or housing association to put your recycling and waste in.

If you have any problems with the recycling and refuse storage provision, or storage areas having bulky items dumped, then please contact your managing agent or Housing Association as they will usually be responsible for storage areas. If, however, the problem persists or collections are irregular then please contact us.

Communal blocks of flats receive a six-monthly delivery of recycling sacks. Please note that delivery arrangements may vary depending on the location, so please speak to your caretaker or managing agent if you have not received your sacks.

If you already have communal food waste collections and you run out of compostable food waste liners then please email Veolia at to request additional liners, providing your name and address details.

Contact Recycling and Waste

Telephone: 01702 215006

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