Pink Recycling Sack Scheme

We provide weekly recycling collections.

To find out your collection day please see our A-Z of roads on our Collection Days, Delivery dates and Getting Additional Sacks page.

Please present your sacks at the edge of your property by 7am on your scheduled collection day. Please note that sacks should not be presented earlier than the evening before collection, and should not be placed on the public footpath or grass verge or road or you may be liable to a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Find out here about Recycling Sack Deliveries and Getting Additional Sacks

Please ensure that items are free from food waste!

What can be recycled in the pink recycling sack?

Steel and Aluminium (no need to remove labels)

  • food and drink cans
  • foil ready meal trays
  • foil pie trays
  • foil takeaway containers
  • clean cooking foil
  • metal jar lids
  • sweet biscuit and cake tins
  • empty aerosol cans

Household Plastic Packaging

  • bottles and lids (including empty bleach, detergent and cleaning products)
  • tubs
  • trays
  • fruit containers
  • film wrap
  • bubble wrap
  • carrier bags and packaging bags (no degradable or biodegradable bags please)

Mixed glass bottles and jars (no need to remove labels)

  • glass jars
  • glass bottles (all different colours) 

Reasons why we couldn't collect your pink recycling sack

If we didn’t collect your pink recycling sack and there is a sticker on it, please remove the unwanted items and the sticker, and present your sack again on your next scheduled collection day.

We are unable to collect pink sacks if they contain the following:

Where should this go?

 Food waste  Blue Food Waste Bin
 Paper and cardboard  Blue box
 Polystyrene  Black Sack
 Nappies  Black Sack
 Sanitary products  Black Sack
 Tissues/kitchen roll/wipes  Black Sack
 Textiles and clothing  Textile Sack
 Dirty items containing, or covered in food waste  Please ensure items are clean before  putting in pink sack
 Large metal items Household Waste Recycling Centre (The tip)
 Pots and pans Household Waste Recycling Centre (The tip)
 Large Electrical appliances Household Waste Recycling Centre (The tip)
 Small Electrical appliances  Plastic shopping carrier bag next to pink  sack
 Wood Household Waste Recycling Centre (The tip)
 Hard plastics such as plastic toys, plastic plant pots, CD/DVD cases, plastic plates,  cutlery, plastic storage containers Household Waste Recycling Centre (The tip)

Contact Waste, Fly tipping, Fly posting & Graffiti

Telephone: 01702 215006

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