Food safety

Enforcement policy regulatory services comprising of food safety, food standards, health and safety, animal welfare, licensing, trading standards, environmental pollution and public health

This service enforces a wide range of legislation that aims to protect the interests and rights of residents, visitors to Southend and of those working within the city. It achieves this through regulating and assisting those businesses both located within the city and trading outside of the area.

The policy has been developed taking into account centrally issued guidance on the way that local authority regulators should operate in terms of:

  • supporting those regulated to comply and grow
  • providing simple and straightforward ways to engage and a mechanism to hear the views of those regulated
  • detailing how we target our resources based on risk
  • an undertaking to share information with other regulators to target resources and minimise duplication for businesses
  • details of how we provide information, guidance and advice to assist those regulated to meet with responsibilities to comply
  • an undertaking to be helpful in our approach to assisting businesses to comply
  • detailing standards and the way in which we operate
  • proportionality in our approach, taking enforcement action against the most serious breaches and those who consistently fail to comply with legislation
  • consistently undertaking our work in a fair, non-discriminatory way

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Telephone: 01702 215000

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