Food safety

We are responsible for protecting all members of the public from food related ill health whilst visiting or using food premise within the city. To do this we:

  • inspect food businesses to make sure their sale, preparation, manufacture and storage of food meets satisfactory hygiene conditions
  • make sure that foods are appropriately labelled
  • offer advice to food businesses and members of the public
  • investigate complaints regarding food poisoning, labelling and hygiene
  • rate food premises according to the standards of hygiene and safety observed at the time of their statutory inspection.

To find out more about businesses food hygiene rating and what we do, read our Enforcement Policy.


By law if you are planning to operate a food business you must register with us at least 28 days before you start operating. Businesses that need to register include:

  • restaurants and takeaways
  • retailers selling foods
  • hotels
  • residential care homes and nursing homes
  • public houses
  • mobile units (at the address they are kept at)

Registering your business is a straightforward process and registration cannot be refused.

If you have premises in another Council's area then you must register with them separately. If you have premises in England you can find the local authority via GOV.UK.


If you produce foods that contain meat, fish, dairy or eggs and you also supply the foods to other food business such as:

  • food manufacturers
  • home caterers
  • central production kitchens
  • stand alone cold stores
  • companies that pack or wrap products

You must apply to us for approval.

This is not a full list and there are some exemptions.

If you think your business may be subject to approval you should contact us for advice.

If your premises needs approval, you cannot operate until we have granted your approval.

How to register and apply for approval

Please register your food business. If you are unable to use the electronic system you can get help by telephoning 01702 215005 / option 3 where an officer will assist you

or alternatively email for further information or if seeking a premises approval .

Guidance on running a food business

For guidance on running a food business please see the Food Standards Agency website.


Contact Licences, Permissions & Trading Standards

Telephone: 01702 215005

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