Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)


Surcharges will be applied as follows, and in accordance with the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended):

Surcharge for, Amount, CIL Regulation.
Surcharge for Amount CIL Regulation
Failure to assume liability, where no-one has assumed liability and chargeable development has commenced £50 on each person liable to pay CIL 80
Apportionment of liability, where the Council is required to apportion liability for CIL between those with a material interest in the land £500 81
Failure to submit Notice of Chargeable Development 20% of the chargeable amount or £2500, whichever is lower 82
Failure to submit a Commencement Notice 20% of the chargeable amount or £2500, whichever is lower 83
Failure to notify the Council of a disqualifying events 20% of the chargeable amount or £2500, whichever is lower 84
Late payment 5% of the outstanding chargeable amount or £200, whichever is greater 85
Failure to comply with an Information Notice 20% of the relevant amount or £1000, whichever is lower 86

Regulations 87 and 88 provide details of interest which can be also charged upon late payments at an annual rate of 2.5 percentage points above the Bank of England base.

Failure to comply with the CIL requirements may trigger enforcement action by the Council. This can include the use of warning notices (warn development will need to stop), stop notices (to force development to stop) or even court action.

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