Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The CIL Process Stages

Guide to the Stages in the CIL Process

Thi basic flowchart diagram summarises the CIL process. Further details are as follows.

All CIL forms are supplied by the Planning Portal but should be returned to Southend-on-Sea City Council. Contact the S106 and CIL Officer (Tel: 01702 215004) if you need any further information or advice after reading the CIL web pages.

Wel will issue acknowledgement letters for all CIL forms submitted. It is in the liable person’s interest to ensure that they receive all relevant acknowledgements before starting work (including demolition/site preparation). We will be able to issue acknowledgements more speedily if an email address is provided.

Stage 1: Information required for CIL Liable Development - Planning Applications and Permitted Development (Applicant)

Stage 2: Issue of a Liability Notice (Council)

Stage 3: Applying for relief (Applicant) and determining relief (Council)

Stage 4: Commencement Notice (Applicant) and acknowledgement (Council)

Stage 5: Issue of Demand Notice (Council)

Stage 6: Payment of CIL (Applicant) and acknowledgement of receipt (Council)

Stage 7: Notification to Land Charges (Council)

Stage 8: Notification of any disqualifying event (Applicant)

Contact Planning Policy

Telephone: 01702 215408

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