Contaminated Land

Contaminated land Register

There is currently no land in Southend on the register (Part llA Environmental Protection Act 1990).

Many areas in Southend have an industrial or commercial past which may have made the land unsuitable for some uses in its present condition.

Developers and land owners (sometimes including previous land owners), are required to ensure that land is safe for intended use, especially where it has been identified as being potentially contaminated.  Where any sites which have been identified as potentially contaminated become the subject of a planning application for works which may involve intrusion into the soil, a condition is usually attached to any consent requiring investigation to be carried out with the results, together with any necessary remediation strategy, being forwarded to the Planning Authority.

Any remediation that is undertaken must be sufficient to ensure the breaking of any identified pollution linkage between the source and receptors - human, animal, vegetable or environmental.

Enquiries regarding any remediation works which may have been carried out as a condition of a planning application should be directed to the Council’s Development Control Team.

Your solicitor may arrange for environmental searches to be carried out to satisfy your mortgage lender. This is usually a search of records to find previous land uses.

Additional Search Information

If you are buying or selling a property you may need to search some of the records we hold:

  • the public register of contaminated land which lists land which is causing harm or likely to cause harm to flora, fauna, water or the environment. There is currently no land in Southend that meets this criteria.
  • information on former industrial activity in the borough
  • details of environmental permits

The council does not make a charge for advising if a site is potentially contaminated land but does charge for researching and providing any further information that may be held in respect of a particular site and of other potentially contaminated sites that may have been identified in the area. 

Any response provided following appropriate enquiries represents the information available to Council Officers. It is given on the understanding that the Council cannot guarantee the accuracy of the conditions below ground level at a particular site.

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