Light pollution

Nuisance from artificial light

Not all levels of artificial light are considered statutory nuisances and so we may not be able to resolve all the complaints we receive.

A common cause of statutory nuisance from lighting is from poorly adjusted security lights. Many are more powerful than is necessary, or are not suitably angled downward or cowled.

Dealing with nuisance lighting

We always recommend that before contacting us, you speak to the person causing the nuisance to you.

Please Note: We are unable to accept anonymous complaints however the identity of anyone contacting the service will be kept confidential in accordance with Data Protection requirements.

What we can do

You should contact us when the light nuisance is occurring so an Officer can investigate and witness the nuisance. The Officer will then assess whether it is considered to be a Statutory Nuisance.

Their judgement will take into account the impact the light is having on the complainant, the intensity, cause, type and whether the perpetrator is using the best practical means to minimize the effect.

If the assessment determines that it is a statutory nuisance action can include, giving advice in the first instance, the service of a legal notice and prosecution. If the notice is not complied with there is an unlimited fine that the Court can impose to which the Council’s prosecution costs may be added.

Contact Environmental Health

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