Noise pollution


In most cases, we cannot usually tackle firework noise because in most cases, the activity is brief and is carried out before the permitted hours, which are listed on this page. The time limits are imposed by the Fireworks Regulations and enforced by the Police; not by us.

If commercial venues (particularly those carrying out functions) regularly set off fireworks they are more likely to be considered as a statutory nuisance.

When assessing the nuisance, the officer will take into account how regularly they cause disturbance.

If they are a licensed premises or club they may also be subject to conditions and a limit could be placed on the number of displays taking place.

Where there is anti-social behaviour with fireworks being misused this should be brought to the attention of our Community Safety Unit.

The Firework Regulations 2004 limit the use of fireworks at night in England and Wales (which is set as between the hours of 11pm and 7am). There are exceptions to this rule which include the following times:

  • Until 01:00 on the night of the Chinese New Year
  • Until 01:00 on the night of Diwali
  • Until 01:00 on the night of New Years Eve
  • Until Midnight on 5th November

The noise from fireworks is restricted to 120dB and this is checked by our Trading Standard officers through the manufacturers. The larger more powerful display fireworks are only allowed to be handled by professionals and it is an offence for anyone under the age of 18 to be sold or possess any fireworks. Anyone caught throwing fireworks can be fined by the Police.

We also enforce legislation regarding the safety of fireworks, restricting underage sale and the licensing of Traders to supply fireworks. We also undertake visits to ensure that they are being stored safely.


Further guidance is available from the Safer Fireworks website and for official displays please visit the HSE website.

We also have helpful fireworks advice, which can be found in our related downloads.

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