Missed collections

We provide weekly collections of blue food waste bins, blue paper and card recycling boxes, pink and clear recycling sacks, small electrical items (put out in plastic shopping carrier bags) and black refuse sacks.

Your recycling and waste should be accessible and visible on the inside edge of your property by 7am on your scheduled collection day.

We may be able to help you put out your recycling and waste.

You can check your collection day using our directory.

What should I do if my rubbish is not collected?

If we receive a valid missed collection report, we will return and collect within 24 hours from the time of the report.

Report a missed collection using our online form. You do not need to register for MySouthend to report the missed collection (click on continue without registering), but by registering, you can manage and keep track of your reports and requests online. You will have control over obtaining the information you need, without having to call or visit us.

If you are registered for MySouthend, you will receive updates on the status of your request. If you need help with the registration process, please see our registration guide.

Contact recycling and waste

Telephone: 01702 215006

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