Register a death

Deaths within the city are normally registered within five days at the Register Office, unless there is a Coroners investigation, which may take longer

You should register a death in the district where it occurred.

How to register a death that occurred in Southend

The provisions of the CoronaVirus Act 2020 regulation expired on 24.03.22 which means that from 21.03.22 all appointments to register a death will be held in person at Registration Service, Ground Floor Civic Centre.

There will be no requirement for relatives to collect the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death from the hospital, care home or GP. These will be emailed to Southend Register Office.

If your relative passed away at Southend University Hospital, the hospital bereavement staff will call you to book an appointment with the Southend Registrars, once the doctor has completed the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

For all other deaths, please only call the Southend Registrars on 01702 215009 once the surgery has confirmed that the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death has been completed and scanned to the Register office. Registration cannot take place until this has been received.

The green certificate for burial or cremation will be transmitted electronically to the Funeral Director.
The registration needs to be done within five days and it is helpful it you can nominate a funeral director before the appointment.

We also offer the Tell Us Once service which can help you notify the following when someone dies:

  • local and national government departments
  • DVLA
  • Passport Office

For more information please contact our Registration Services team on 01702 215009.

Contact births, deaths and marriages

Telephone: 01702 215009

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