Replacement windows

Replacement windows in existing dwellings: overview

From the 1st April 2002 all replacement windows and glazed doors must comply with Building Regulations 2002 (as amended). The Regulations impose conditions on the construction and installation of replacement glazed doors and windows. They relate to thermal insulation, ventilation, structural stability and means of escape in case of fire.

There are circumstances where a historically sympathetic design of the windows will be appropriate (e.g. for listed buildings, buildings on the Local List and buildings in Conservation Areas), but it would be dependant on the historic nature of the building. In such cases, the design must be agreed with the Building Control Group and Development Control Group before the work commences.

There are two ways you can apply for Building Regulation Approval for installing new windows. You can either:

  • make a submission to us, by way of submitting a Building Notice at least 2 days before you intended to start the work. One of our Building Control Officer's will then inspect the work and issue a Certificate stating compliance with the Building Regulations, when the work is completed satisfactorily. There is a charge including VAT, which must be paid at the time of making the submission. Or,
  • appoint a FENSA registered installer, who will install the windows and will certify that the windows are installed in compliance with the Building Regulations

Note: You may be asked by your solicitor to produce evidence of either approval if you sell your property.

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