Grass cutting and strimming

Grass cutting and strimming on the highways, verges, parks and gardens/cliffs

Our grass cutting teams work from late March to October. This is subject to weather and growing conditions.

There have been changes to the service to reflect the financial challenges that the council faces. The team is also facing some resourcing challenges.

The times between cuts has been slightly increased because of this. Grass verges on the highway are cut on average every 35 days and strimming is being done every third round.

The parks team continue to work closely with the highways team to ensure that sight lines are clear for drivers and pedestrians.

Grass cutting schedule

Please use our grass cutting schedule to see both the:

  • overall programme and,
  • the order in which areas across the city are cut

Use the spreadsheet tabs to see what route your road is in. Individual roads are listed in the rouge order that they are cut. Please be aware that this is subject to change.

Use our grass cutting updates article to find out where the teams are at the start of each week.

On average it is currently takes 2 to 3 days to complete each individual route.

  • bigger routes may take more time
  • smaller routes may take less time

This average will improve as:

  • the teams catch up and,
  • the additional staff that have been recruited, start to make an impact

Grass cutting is also impacted by weather conditions and other factors.

We aim to develop this information in the future. This is to make it more:

  • user friendly, and
  • accessible

My property has been damaged as a result of grounds maintenance being carried out

Some jobs have the potential to cause damage. On rare occasions this can lead to property being damaged.

Grass cutting and strimming are examples of jobs where small stones may be thrown from the machine.

In the event that any damage is caused, please complete our online form.

You can also ring us on 01702 215011 and choose the option for 'Strimming Incidents'.

You can also download a form and return the form via email to

Contact parking, travel and roads

Telephone: 01702 215003

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