Private hire vehicle licence conditions

Consideration of application


A person being considered for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence on the first and any subsequent occasion, shall:


to the satisfaction of an authorised officer have possession of a suitable vehicle, being a saloon car, hatchback, estate car or a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) (not a London type cab);


have a vehicle not more than 5 years old when first licensed (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles 6 years), the vehicle must be Euro 6 emission rating (petrol or diesel vehicles) or capable of achieving zero emissions (hybrid or electric vehicles) and not more than 10 years old when subsequently licensed (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles 20 years). Any limousine or specially approved vehicle shall have no specific age limit and will be reviewed annually. The 10-year maximum is based on the condition of the vehicle which is considered at 8 years and can be extended by 6-month intervals to a maximum of 10 years.


all vehicles submitted as a Private Hire Vehicle must be right hand drive unless specially approved;


not be a person who would be refused a Private Hire Driver's Licence by reason of a conviction recorded against him/her;


submit the vehicle for mechanical examination when requested by an authorised officer, including at first and subsequent licensing;


submit appropriate insurance documents or other requested documents within seven days when requested by an authorised officer.


produce to the satisfaction of an authorised officer such documents detailing any arrangements for the use of, letting or hiring of the vehicle.


Any vehicle shall, according to the manufacturer's specification, have the following:


Rear seat accommodation for at least three persons with a minimum 43.18cm (17 inches) per passenger.


Separate front seats to accommodate passengers in addition to the driver with a minimum 43.18cm (17 inches) per passenger save in the case of a limousine or a vintage car or specially approved vehicle, which may have a bench seat.


A minimum of four doors unless specially approved.


No seat shall need to be moved or tilted before a passenger can enter or exit the vehicle.


An overall height of not less than 135cm (53 inches).


A length of not less than 432cm (170 inches) unless specially approved.


An engine performance with a suitable power output.


Manufacturer's specification tinted glass windows are permitted.


If the vehicle is an estate car, a substantial protective shield shall be fitted to the rear interior section



be a vehicle conversion to wheelchair accessible or multi seat capacity vehicle, provided the vehicle conforms to EU Whole Vehicle Type approval or UK Low Volume Type approval, provided that the vehicle is no more than six years of age when first licensed and not more than twenty years old when subsequently licensed.

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