Working for the council

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Working at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council gives you not only the opportunity to make a difference in the borough you love, but we also have a range of employee benefits, via our partners.

Our ambition

Working at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, you will share our collective ambition for the future of our town, giving it a strong sense of purpose. The ambition is grounded in the values of Southenders and we are working at speed to drive this forward.

There are 5 themes within our ambition:

1. Pride and Joy - Southenders are fiercely proud of, and go out of their way, to champion what our borough has to offer

2. Safe and Well - People in Southend-on-Sea feel safe in all aspects of their lives and are well enough to live fulfilling lives

3. Active and Involved - We have a thriving, active and involved community that feel invested in our city

4. Opportunity and Prosperity - Southend-on-Sea is a successful city and we share our prosperity amongst all of our people

5. Connected and Smart - People can easily get in, out and around our borough and we have a world class digital infrastructure

Our values

As a council, our staff are:

Inclusive – We put people at the heart of what we do

Collaborative – We work together

Proud – We are proud to make lives better

Honest – We are honest, fair and accountable

We recognise that our staff are our main asset and to help us ensure that we attract and retain the best people we offer a very competitive benefits package.

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Telephone: 01702 215000

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