Paper and Card Collection

paper and card

Blue Box for Paper and Card Collection

Your paper and card should be recycled using your blue paper and card recycling box.

You no longer need to use the pink sack to recycle paper and card. All paper and card should be placed in the blue paper and card recycling box. Please flatten large boxes and place these next to the blue box.

Residents who live in communal blocks of flats will have their own arrangements.

If you need to report non receipt of your blue box or need a replacement please use our online form.

Please present your box at the edge of your property by 7am on your scheduled collection day. Please note that recycling and waste should not be presented earlier than the evening before collection, and should not be placed on the public footpath, grass verge or road or you may be liable to a Fixed Penalty Notice.

To find out when your collection day is please see the collection days page.

If you have more paper and card than will fit in your blue box (for example after a birthday or special occasion) you can use a cardboard box or paper bags alongside your blue box for the additional recycling.  If you produce more than one blue box-worth on a weekly basis then please use our online form to request additional boxes.

Please contact us if you require an assisted collection.

Page last updated: 03/03/2017