Planning the funeral service

How you plan the funeral service is completely your choice and can be personalised as much as you wish.

The service can be led by:

  • a Minister of Religion
  • a non-religious civil funeral celebrant
  • a humanist officiant
  • family
  • friends

You will need to have at least four pallbearers to carry the coffin into the chapel and place it onto the catafalque.

Coffins can only be received through the chapel and must always follow crematorium procedures, no other protocol is permitted.

The coffin will rest upon the catafalque during the cremation service.

For a burial the cortege will be met by the cemetery attendants in the main drive and then escorted to either the cemetery church or chapel or direct to the grave depending of the wishes on the family.

For a burial service in the church or chapel the coffin will be removed from the hearse and carried into the church to be placed on tressels. After the service the coffin will be carried back to the hearse for the short journey to the graveside. Mourners will normally follow the main cortege to the grave in their own cars.

If there is to be no service in the church or chapel, the cortege and following cars can drive directly to the grave.

The committal (crematorium)

When the committal has taken place the curtain closes, but the coffin remains on the catafalque until all the mourners have left the chapel. If you prefer, the coffin can stay in view until all mourners have left.

Floral tributes

On the day of the funeral a small name plaque will be provided in the floral tribute area for tributes to be placed around. At the end of the service mourners can go to the area to view the tributes before leaving the crematorium.

Contact Bereavement services

Telephone: 01702 215015/603908

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