Crime and anti-social behaviour

The anti-social behaviour (ASB) case review process

When you submit a request for anti-social behaviour (ASB) case review; Southend-on-Sea City Council will ask the agencies involved to provide details of your complaints and any actions they have considered and taken.

A decision will be made as to whether your request for an ASB case review meets the qualifying conditions.

If your request qualifies for a case review

If your request qualifies for an ASB case review then you will receive a letter of confirmation advising you of timescale involved and when the case review should be completed by.

The Community Safety Manager at Southend-on-Sea City Council will organise an ASB case review meeting and invite all agencies and/or partners that have had involvement in the case. Those attending the meeting will look at what action has been taken in response to the victim's report of anti-social behaviour. Recommendations will be made to the relevant agencies regarding any future action that will need to be undertaken.

The legislation places a duty on a person who carries out public functions to have a regard to those recommendations. This means that they are not obliged to carry out the recommendations, but that they should acknowledge them and may be challenged if they choose not to carry out the recommendations without good reason.

The chair of the meeting will write to the victim detailing:

  1. The outcome of the case review.
  2. Any recommendations made.
  3. The appeals process.

You will receive this letter within 10 working days of the meeting being held.

If your request does not qualify for a case review

If your request does not qualify for an ASB case review then you will receive a letter confirming the outcome explaining why your request has been turned down along with details of the appeals procedure.

Appeals and complaints; if you are not happy with the outcome

You can appeal the decision and outcome of your ASB case review. You must submit your appeal in writing within 21 days of receiving your outcome letter.

Your appeal will be forwarded to the chair of the Southend Community Safety Partnership (CSP) who will review the details of the case and decide if there are grounds for an appeal. The chair of the CSP will also notify the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner of the appeal decision.

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