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Organisational Development

What is Organisational Development?

Organisational Development (OD) is a large-scale programme of change. It focuses on the organisation as a whole, not as individuals, and looks for change in culture to help it become better performing.

For local government, organisational development has been defined by the old Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Local Government Association as the "practice of planned interventions to bring about significant improvements in organisational effectiveness."

Structure of our programme

The first phase of our programme was 'Inspiring'. It started in 2006 and assessed where we were as an organisation, to give us a baseline of our culture and the way we worked.

Having attained 'Improving Strongly' in 2009 we moved the programme from Inspiring to Delivering Excellence.

The key to the success of our programme is commitment! For our programme to be effective, it needs to be applied at all levels; embedded in the culture of our organisation.

We need engagement and participation from all employees and councillors to help move our organisation forward. This obviously includes you!


Our programme of Interventions are designed to build on the things we do well, and resolve those things we don't. If you would like to know more about the interventions, please access the links on the top left hand side of this page or email [email protected] or telephone 01702 215487.

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