Changes to voting – voter ID

What are the changes to voting and how does it affect me?

Are you voter ready? You'll need photo ID at polling stations to vote

The Elections Act (2022) has introduced a number of changes to how we vote.

The main change is that if you vote in person in a polling station, you will now need to bring an approved form of photo ID with you on polling day.

You need to be a registered elector to be able to vote at elections.

If you do not bring along one of the accepted forms of photo ID on polling day you will not be allowed to vote in person at a polling station on polling day.

If you do not have one of the forms of photo ID you will be able to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate. This will be an A4 paper document displaying your name, photograph, date of issue, issuing local authority, a unique reference number and a recommended renewal date.

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