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Student registration

As a student, you can register at both your term time address and at the address you live at outside of term time.

Lots of students are missing from the electoral register which means you do not get a say in how things are run. The electoral register is also used in credit referencing when buying some items, such as mobile phones, or opening a bank account. Some employers also check credit referencing.

Can I vote twice - at home and at university?

Being registered at both your home address and your term-time addresses does not necessarily mean you get two votes.

You will need to choose one address and vote in only that area when you're voting in:

  • UK Parliament elections
  • UK referendums
  • London Assembly and London Mayoral elections

You cannot vote at both your term-time address and your home address at these elections. Voting in more than one location is a criminal offence.

For other elections you can vote at both your term-time and your home address.

You can choose to vote in either or both areas (as long as the addresses are in different council areas) when you're voting in:

  • Local council elections in England
  • Police and Crime commissioner elections and mayoral elections

Ways to vote

If you're not able to make it to the polling station on the day, you can apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote (when someone you trust votes on your behalf).

Contact Electoral Registration

Telephone: 01702 215010

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