School and College Transport Assistance

Transport Assistance Appeals Process


If an application is declined or the travel arrangements offered are considered "unsuitable", you can make a challenge in writing within 20 working days based on:

  • entitlement
  • distance measurement
  • route safety
  • any other policy related issue

Stage 1 – Review by a senior officer (within 20 working days)

A senior officer in Department for People will review the decision and send you a written notification of the outcome including:

  • detailed reasoning for decision made
  • notification of the option to escalate to Stage 2 (an appeal panel)

You can appeal the decision, in writing, within 20 working days on basis of exceptional circumstances, giving evidence of these.

Stage 2 – Review by an appeal panel within 40 working days

All correspondence to date is provided to a panel of members at least 5 working days before their meeting to familiarise with the case, a copy will also provided be provided to you.

You will be given 5 working days’ notice of when you appeal is to be heard, and invited to appear in person to make any additional representations.

They panel may ask for additional information from officers during appeal. You and any officers will be asked to leave the review while the panel make their decision.

The panels decision is final and no further correspondence is entered into.

Democratic Services or Special Educational Needs Department will write to you within 5 working days with the panels decision.

If you consider that there was a failure to comply with the procedural rules or any other irregularities in the way the appeal has been handled, details of how to escalate to Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) are provided.

If the you considers the decision of the appeals panel to be flawed on public law grounds, you may apply for judicial review.

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