Household Waste Recycling Centres (The Tip)

The Tip

Whilst government restrictions have been relaxed we continue to recommend that residents maintain social distancing when visiting the sites.

There are long traffic queues at times – particularly on Sundays - so please avoid visiting on this day if you can and only visit the sites if your household waste really needs to go to the recycling centre right now. If it could be stored safely away at home, please do so. To check vehicle queuing at each site see the live webcams on the Veolia website.

New site operating instructions will be in place at the sites, please familiarise yourself with them before you visit:  

  1. Keep vehicle windows closed. Please show ID (Driving Licence only) through a closed window. Only Southend-on-Sea residents can use this site.
  2. Only one person per vehicle (the driver) unless bringing in a bulky item requiring two people from the same household to carry it.
  3. For your safety vehicle and visitor numbers are restricted within the site. Please be patient until you are permitted to enter.
  4. Maintain social distancing (at least 2 metres) between yourself, site staff and other visitors at all times.
  5. Use the marked-out parking spaces only and marked-out waiting points in the site.
  6. Only one person on steps or gantry (platform) at any one time (or two from the same household/vehicle if depositing a bulky item). Please wait at the marked waiting points if the steps/gantry are being used.
  7. Staff cannot assist you in removing any items from your vehicle.
  8. Please do not try to deposit waste/recycling that can be collected at the kerbside (e.g. waste in black sacks or recycling in pink sacks) – use your normal weekly home collection.
  9. Please deposit your items quickly and exit the site – others will be waiting to be allowed on-site.
  10. Entry onto the site by foot is not permitted.

More information can be found on Veolia’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

Both sites allow residents to:

  • dispose of bulky items
  • recycle a wide range of household waste

You can find the best time to visit by looking at the webcam on Veolia’s website. Please wait for the page to load.

View our Re Use page for info on where you can dispose of good quality items.

Both sites have CCTV cameras and ANPR, which is Automatic Number Plate Recognition.
These are used to:

  • view the amount of visits by all vehicles
  • find illegal business waste
  • stop crime

Please note:

  • asbestos is not accepted at the tips or in our kerbside collection services
    It has to be disposed of by a specialist contractor as it is hazardous waste that needs specialist collection and disposal
  • gas cylinders and tyres cannot be accepted at either tip

See the Veolia website for more info about the tips

Tip Opening Times

Stock Road, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 5QF

  • 1st February to 31st October: Weekdays (closed Thursday) - 9am to 5pm, Weekends - 8am to 5pm
  • 1st November to 31st January: Weekdays (closed Thursday) - 9am to 4pm, Weekends - 8am to 4pm
  • open from 9am on Bank Holidays
  • closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

Leigh Marshes, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 2ET

  • 1st February to 31st October: Weekdays (closed Wednesday) - 9am to 5pm, Weekends - 8am to 5pm
  • 1st November to 31st January: Weekdays (closed Wednesday) - 9am to 4pm, Weekends - 8am to 4pm
  • open from 9am on Bank Holidays
  • closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

For advice about what can and can’t be accepted at the tips please see the pages below.

Contact Recycling and Waste

Telephone: 01702 215006

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