Recycling small electrical items

If your old electrical device still works, think about donating it to a charity for someone else to use.

How do I recycle small electrical items?

  1. Check if your item contains batteries or bulbs, please remove these before recycling.
  2. When recycling old mobile, laptop or tablet devices remember it is your responsibility to delete any personal data.
  3. Once your item is ready, place it in a carrier bag or if it is a device without cables then it can be placed on top of your recycling box.
  4. Leave it out on your normal collection day.

Remember, never put electricals in your pink recycling sacks.

Most small items with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled such as

  • hairdryers, straighteners, epilator, electric shaver, electric toothbrush
  • telephones, mobile phones
  • chargers, plugs and wires and cables.
  • video recorders, DVD players, cameras
  • digital alarm clocks, radios and watches
  • toasters, kettles, iron, blender, electric whisks and mixers
  • laptops, smart watches, smart speakers, electronic IT accessories
  • drills, small miscellaneous power tools
  • electronic toys, torches, remote controls

Check the A to Z of recycling and waste to see how to recycle batteries and bulbs.

Recycling large electric items

Any large electric items and household batteries can be taken to one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC).

You can also have bulky items collected by paying for the bulky waste collection service.

Some manufacturers or shops will recycle your old electricals when you buy a new electrical item.

Find your nearest recycling point and more about the impact of recycling your electricals on the Recycle your Electricals website.

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