MySouthend frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why do I need to re-register for MySouthend?

The software behind MySouthend has changed to a new company and new accounts will need to be created so that your password remains secure. We do not have access to your password so cannot move your log in details to a new system.

How do I re-register for MySouthend?

Steps on how to re-register can be found on the MySouthend page.

How do I search for a form to make a new request?

Due to the new online forms system, you can now search for forms using the 'search this website' bar at the top of the page. A full list of forms currently available can be found on our forms page.

What happens to old requests on MySouthend?

Old MySouthend request will remain available to staff, and you can still contact us for an update on your existing requests. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see these in the new version.

Can I still use the MySouthend app?

The new system does not work with the old MySouthend app however you can follow these steps for instant 'app-like' access. On your selected device load MySouthend, open the settings, select 'Add to Home screen'. This will link MySouthend to the home screen of your device so that you can interact with it like an app.

Modern best practice for accessible websites is to have a responsive website design, which our forms system now has, which means an app is no longer required.

Can I contact you through MySouthend?

If you have registered a MySouthend account, yes. We encourage you to contact us through the MySouthend system as your query will go directly to the team dealing with your request. From your MySouthend page select the reference number of the request you wish to talk to us about. This will take you to a page where you can add a message to the message box and select 'send'. You can also use this function to upload additional documents to your request.

I've re-registered and submitted a request but haven't heard back, what should I do?

When a new request is submitted you will receive an email showing the timeframe we aim to complete your initial request. This could mean initial contact with an officer, or the request fully completed. Please wait until the initial timeframe has passed before contacting us.

There is a mistake on the request I have submitted, can I let you know?

If you have spotted a mistake on an online request you have submitted, please make us aware by using this general contact form or by adding a message on your MySouthend request. We will be able to review your submission and make any necessary changes.

MySouthend says my case is completed however I don't think it is, what should I do?

Please be aware that different teams will use MySouthend statuses in different ways. Your case may be complete because initial contact has been made and your request is now with another provider. If you would like an update, please contact us using your MySouthend account.

Can I still phone and speak with an officer?

Yes. Our contact details remain the same and you will still be able to phone and speak with an officer however we recommend contacting us through MySouthend where possible as your query will go directly to the team responsible for your request.

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