Stop smoking services

Hospital in/out patient support

Hospital inpatient support pathway

If you stop smoking before an operation this can really improve your recovery and reduces the risk of complications. However, some hospital admissions are not planned, so upon admission you, the clinical staff will:

  1. Ask if you are a smoker. If you do smoke, then the clinical staff will;
  2. Advise on the benefits of being smokefree and will give you very brief advice of how to achieve this. The clinical staff will then;
  3. Act and supply. All smoker patients will receive combination Nicotine Replacement Therapy. This ‘OPT out’ approach is part of the new initiative to improve treatment and outcomes for smoker patients. Patients will be referred to the local stop smoking Service or the community pharmacy programme that will provide support on discharge.

Hospital outpatient referral pathway

All patients identified as a smoker will receive very brief advice on the benefits of quitting and how this can be achieved with the right medication and method of support. All patients will be referred to their Local Stop Smoking Service

NHS Health Professionals can refer smoker patients by completing the secure referral form.

Contact the stop smoking service

Telephone: 01702 212000

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