Vehicle Crossovers

Applying for a vehicle crossover

You can make a request for a vehicle crossover, this is normally when you want to connect the frontage of your property to the road. Before you apply for a crossover you must read the vehicle crossover application guidance. As not every property will be suitable for us to approve a crossover.

This guidance contains details of the conditions that prohibit the approval of a crossover and if you meet the criteria it also contains details on the permissions you may need to obtain before making your application.

You will find the application guidance online.

In addition to the guidance, further information can be found in the Vehicle Crossover Policy.

Applying for a crossover

When you apply for a crossover there is a non-refundable application fee. If you make and application without meeting the conditions or without the necessary permissions, you are at risk of your application being rejected and losing your application fee.

Once you have read the guidance and have all the required details, any required permissions and location sketches/photos, you can apply for a crossover.

When making your application please take care to read the terms and conditions contained in the on-line application form as you will need to confirm you have read the guidance.

Upon receiving your application, we will arrange to inspect the proposed crossover location and if you application is successful we will send you a quote for the works.

Once we have received payment for the full amount the crossover will be installed within the estimated time frame given in the quote.

If you have an enquiry about the status of your application, a payment or a final decision please email us including your application reference number.

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