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I don’t have an email address, how do I get one?

This quick guide shows you how to search and set-up a free email account.

Creating an email account will enable you to register for MySouthend and other websites.

First Steps

Open up a search browser and type free email addresses in the search bar. The search will bring back numerous providers such as Gmail, Yahoo,, GMX and many more.

Select the provider that you want.

Depending on the provider where you need to go to set up your account can vary. Some open up into the page to register, others will have a link in the top right to click on to start the process.

All will have easy to follow instructions on what to do and where to click.

Choosing your email address

To set up your new account, the provider will need some information about you. Type your first and last names

To create an email you need to choose a username. Your email address will be your username followed by ‘’. Ideally, it should be a combination of your first and last name. However, if your name is very common (e.g. John Smith), it's very likely that email address is already in use. You may want to also include numbers in your email address such as your year of birth.

Please note that when you are applying for jobs it is important to have an email that is professional sounding and easy to understand. Do not choose an email such as

Choosing your password

Choose a password that is 8 characters or more. Make sure your password is secure and one that you can remember. Secure passwords include combinations of upper and lowercase letters and numbers e.g. News@10.

Verifying your email account

You will normally need to verify your account by entering some personal information. This could be your birthday and gender.

You can also enter your mobile telephone number or an alternative email address if you have one. This information will be used to confirm it is your email account if you ever have difficulty accessing your account in future.

Prove you’re not a robot

Some email accounts have additional security and this is simply a further preventative measure against fraud. Type in the letters or digits as they appear on the screen.

All providers will require you to agree to the terms of service by checking a box. Please note there may be a box already ticked stating that you agree to your personal account information being used in other ways and for third parties. If you do not wish for this to happen you will need to untick the box.

Once you have accepted the terms of service you will have created your email account. On some accounts you may be able to personalise it by adding a profile picture

You can then log into the account with your created password from earlier in the process as and when you need to view or send emails. Your MySouthend bills and notifications will be sent to this email address once you have set up your account on MySouthend and used this email address to register.

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