Online access to Council Tax Reduction and Housing Benefit services

How do I see my landlord account online?

If you are a landlord receiving Housing Benefit payments for a tenant in the city you can view payments, claims and letters via the Landlord Portal in MySouthend.

Access is by the ‘Landlord Portal’ link on the main menu. For more on access and use please see further Landlord Portal Instructions.

Please note that initial set up must be done by the Council. When you have been registered for access to the Landlord Portal you will receive 2 emails titled ‘Citizen Access Landlords at Southend-on-Sea City Council’.

The first will give you a link to the portal to be used on your first time accessing it. It will also give you the first part of your login details, your username.

The second will give you your password.

If you have not received these emails and would like to be registered to access the portal please contact the Council on 01702 215001.

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