Commercial waste

Reuse - donate it!

When looking at the waste journey, it is best to reuse before you recycle.

Please take a moment to think about if any of the waste you create can be reused within your work or by a charity.

Furniture and electric items could be reused, so why not give them to charity? Please call the charity first to check they can take the items.

Oxfam - Tag Your Bag is an Oxfam project where the donations you put in your tagged bags can reward you with Nectar Points when the items sell.

British Heart Foundation - To find your local British Heart Foundation Charity Shop and find out how to donate, check out their website.

Hamelin Trust - Take a look at the Hamelin Trust website for info on donating.

Havens Hospices - Go on their website to find out how you can help.

The Project and The Project Too 619 Southchurch Road,
Town Centre,

PDSA - For more info about donating, please see the PDSA website. To find PDSA Charity Shop near you, see the Near Me webpage.

Shared Space - See their website for info about supporting.

The Salvation Army - Go to The Salvation Army website for a list of charity shops in Essex.

HARP - Visit their website to find out how to donate.

Contact recycling and waste

Telephone: 01702 215006

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