Commercial waste

Recycling at work

You can help your business be more eco-friendly and save money:

  • the cost of disposing waste at landfills is rising every year
  • in April 2022 the Landfill Tax increased to £98.60 per tonne. This is likely to increase in line with inflation each year going forward

Recycling waste can help you save money. This is because you will spend less money disposing waste that could be reused.

The pre-treatment of waste regulation 2007 says that businesses who take non-hazardous waste and recycling to the landfill, must treat the waste first.

Collecting non-hazardous waste in different streams will make recycling easier and more eco-friendly. Items can then be sent straight for recycling, rather than being sorted into waste types first.

Recycling also helps your business' eco character.


These pages will give you tools, such as poster templates and business packs. This will help if you are thinking of having a recycling system at work.

To find a recycling service for your work place, please see our commercial waste directory, where you can search by business name or waste type.

Recycle More also has info for businesses wanting to have a recycling collection at work.

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