Tackling Poverty Strategy 2023 to 2026

Priority 2 - Enhancing people’s resilience

Desired outcomes

  • people with low incomes are:
    • financially resilient
    • supported by a strong offer of advice on money maximisation
    • have access to jobs and skills opportunities
    • have access to affordable housing
  • people who cannot maximise their income are identified, and support is tailored to their needs. Examples include:
    • people with disabilities and their carers
    • single people (especially single parents and single pensioners)
    • low paid working people
  • healthcare inequalities will be reduced at local level. Poverty will no longer reduce the possibility to live a long and healthy life. This will be achieved by working closely with the South East Essex Alliance

Strategic objectives

  • help more people to adopt healthy behaviours
  • create a more inclusive local economy in Southend. One that ensures more local people and businesses benefit from the city's growth
  • explore how we can more effectively use data to target support to those most in need
  • support more people to stay in education, learn new skills and improve work readiness
  • upskill people and improve residents financial skills
  • support more people who experience fuel poverty
  • strengthen Southend Food Alliance and the local food offers. This will include support to upskill residents about cooking, food and nutrition
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