Tackling Poverty Strategy 2023 to 2026

Priority 3 - Advocating for long term change in Government policies

Desired outcomes:

  • we along with our partners and communities will act as supporters for change on behalf of local people and lived experience. We will share the knowledge we collect with Government departments, MPs and officials for change. We will also champion more effective policy making at a national level
  • government policy is designed to effectively alleviate and eradicate poverty

Advocating on a national level:

  • on eligibility reform: widening support for working households
  • limit deductions from Universal Credit for prior overpayments/sanctions
  • remove the benefit cap and two-child limit
  • to raise the Local Housing Allowance rates with the rise of the local private rented prices
  • for regulation on pre-payment meter prices
  • for more grants and schemes for insulation and alternative energy access
  • for subsidized childcare
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