Regulatory Services

What can I expect from Regulatory Services?

You can contact the service through the website, by letter, email or telephone.

Regulatory Services will:

  • Develop plans for areas of the service which are regularly reviewed
  • Undertake inspections for food hygiene, food standards, health and safety, trading standards, permitted processes and licensing which are prioritised by risk or identified through intelligence
  • Investigate complaints from members of the public and advise interested parties of the outcome of our investigations
  • Provide advice to businesses on how to comply with the legislation
  • Investigate incidents of food poisoning and provide advice to those affected
  • Investigate complaints regarding statutory nuisance
  • Process licensing applications including taxis, private hire, premises, temporary event notices, gambling , special treatments and animal welfare
  • Respond to customers regarding the collection of stray dogs
  • Respond to enquiries regarding contaminated land
  • Monitor air quality and publish the results
  • Publish our fees and charges on an annual basis
  • Take action in line with our Enforcement Policy 

If you ask us to investigate, the service will

  • Prioritise complaints received and deal with in order of priority with the most serious breaches being investigated first
  • Note referrals made through Citizens Advice regarding trading standards matters – in these matters you will only be contacted if further information is required from you
  • All other complaints will be acknowledged
  • Treat your complaint in confidence as far as possible

Page last updated: 01/08/2018