Hazardous Household Waste

Clinical Waste

Clinical waste must not be placed in your normal waste collection service.

If you are treating yourself at home and the waste arising from your treatment is classified as hazardous (i.e. where a particular risk has been identified based on medical diagnosis) or you are producing syringes or sharps, a separate clinical waste collection will be required.

If you require a collection please contact Veolia on 0203 5676955.


Sharps/syringe box £2.25   
Tiger sacks (roll of 50) £14.00
Collection (per visit) £6.25      
There are a number of size options available:
Size Aproximate number of sharps/needles this holds
1 litre 40
2 litre 80
3 litre 125
4 litre 200
5 litre 250
7 litre 330

Example: A 5 litre bin will cost £2.25 to purchase, and once full it can be booked in with Veolia for collection which will cost £6.25. If you require a new bin then this will cost £2.25.

Further information

For further information about healthcare waste produced in a household please see the Healthcare Waste guidance on GOV.UK.
Sanpro waste (sanitary towels, nappies and incontinence pads) is not considered hazardous if it comes from a person with a non-infectious condition or disease. This means that if it is appropriately bagged and sealed it can be disposed of with other household waste in the refuse sacks.If you are receiving medical treatment at home, then the healthcare professional administering your treatment must remove that waste and arrange for appropriate disposal (as the waste is considered to be the medical professional’s waste). Speak to your healthcare professional if you are unsure whether it is classed as hazardous or not.

We do not provide a service for clinical waste produced by hospitals, health clinics, GP’s, residential homes, nursing homes or veterinary practices.

To find out what you should do if you find needles, syringes and other clinical waste in a public area, please see our Reporting Needles, Syringes and Drug Related Waste page.

Page last updated: 13/08/2019